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SOLID - Principles that Apply

This page is destinated to collect some good resources (IMHO) in order to give
an overview over good priciples that should apply to software designe.

  • Intro to SOLID
    • S: Single Responsibility Principle.
    • O: Open/Close Principle.
    • L: Liskov Substitution Principle.
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      • Circle-Ellipse Problem
      • Moral of the story: model your classes based on behaviours not on properties; model your data based on properties and not on behaviours. If it behaves like a duck, it's certainly a bird.
      • This strongly suggests that inheritance should never be used when the sub-class restricts the freedom implicit in the base class, but should only be used when the sub-class adds extra detail to the concept represented by the base class as in 'Monkey' is-an 'Animal'.
    • I: Interface Segregation Principle
    • D:

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